(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. How does automatic shipping work?

A. This is a technology based service provided to ShoppingSimplify customers. The service is called ShoppingSimplify (http://www.ShoppingSimplify.co).
Here is how you benefit:

Lower Rates
ShoppingSimplify is a courier-exchange of leading domestic and international courier providers (such as FedEx, Aramex, FirstFlight, Delhivery, DHL,Ecom Express, DTDC etc.) where we have pre-negotiated prices with these providers and extend the same to our customers.
So whether you’re doing 5 orders a day or 500, you always get the same low rate as we’re able to aggregate demand and service.

More Reach
You also get a much larger prepaid delivery area (12000 pin codes) and COD collection range (6000 pin codes) – which you can never get with a single courier company alone.

Seamless Integration
Since we have API based real-time integration with all courier companies on our panel, you will be able to see a list of couriers that provide service to an order. Pick one, and a Way Bill number is generated automatically. A shipping label is also generated on the fly. Then you select the orders you want to dispatch, and generate a pick-up.
It’s really that simple.

Payments and COD
We will share freight rates for each zone and each courier company with you. You will then receive a monthly itemized bill for freight and a collective COD remittance from ShoppingSimplify.

Q. Do you provide multi-point pickup?

A. Currently this feature is not available in our platform, but it is on the roadmap and will be available soon.

Q. How does Payment Gateway Work?

A. You will first pick the right payment gateway for your needs as described in the document above. Then we will connect you with the right person at the payment gateway company. You will need to prepare some documents to apply for a gateway. You will avail of special low rates as a ShoppingSimplify customer. Once your gateway is live, we will enable it for your online store.

Post that, whenever you receive an online transaction, the money gets remitted directly to your bank account after T+2 days after the payment gateway deducts its transaction fees.

Your customer will see your website or company’s name on their account statement and there is no mention of ShoppingSimplify anywhere.

Q. What is the pricing for ShoppingSimplify?

A. You can check our pricing plans at http://www.ShoppingSimplify.com/pricing

Q. What are Apps?

A. Apps are features to extend your store over and above the inbuilt functionality provided in the ShoppingSimplify platform. Some apps are in-built apps which are absolutely free of cost. We also have third party apps like dgxsell, interakt, Kreato etc which are offered to our merchants at discounted rates. Every ShoppingSimplify plan have comes with some free and some paid apps. You can check which apps are available in your plan of choice by visiting http://www.ShoppingSimplify.com/apps-by-plan/

Q. I just want to get shipping services without the shopping cart. Can you do this?

A. Sure! We are able to offer shipping services (ShoppingSimplify) by themselves. This is especially useful if you are currently running a shopping cart and don’t want to move or are a marketplace vendor and just want to avail of easy and cheap shipping services. To learn more, please visit http://www.ShoppingSimplify.co or contact us at hello@ShoppingSimplify.com

Q. Will you help me with marketing, SEO, social media, pay per click ads management, etc?

A. While ShoppingSimplify is already SEO ready, has integrations with marketplaces and product feed websites and has several viral and social apps built-in, we do not directly offer bespoke services for marketing your store. However, we have provided some resources in this document and others can be found by visiting http://www.taskr.in, a marketplace for micro-services for India.

Q. What is Marketplace Integration? How can I sell on eBay, Amazon and others?

A. ShoppingSimplify provides apps that you can use to sell directly on eBay and Amazon. You will be able to list your products on these marketplaces, import orders back into ShoppingSimplify and then use ShipRocket to ship these to your customers.

For orders from marketplaces, you will need to register with eBay and Amazon and will get the payment for your orders directly from them.

Both eBay and Amazon will charge their own commissions and fees.

Q. How can I upload my products to ShoppingSimplify? Do you help with photo shoot?

A. You can easily upload your products using the administration area of ShoppingSimplify. You can add products individually if you have a low number of products. Or you can use our bulk import feature.

If you’re having trouble properly formatting the excel, or if you have a complex product setup, a RocketBuddy is always available at hand to help you upload your products during the store setup period. Post which, we will provide the data file back to you and going forward you can manage this by yourself.

ShoppingSimplify will help you find freelancers who can do product/model photoshoot for you at very reasonable prices. You may want to check ShoppingSimplify.in

Q. I love the templates, but want to customize them. Can I?

A. Sure! Our templates are highly customizable. Customizations are of three types:
-You can turn apps (such as showcase, latest, recently purchased, deal of the day, etc.) on and off. You can also choose which page you want to display and what position
-You can use inbuilt template customizers (different for every template) which will let you change the colors, background, fonts and much more.
-You can add any custom HTML or CSS using our custom code plugin. So if you want to add custom banners or graphics anywhere, you can do this. Or, if you want to integrate a third-party plugin, you can do that. You can even change unchangeable elements of your theme using custom CSS!

Q. Okay I am ready to sign-up. When can you come to our office for a demo?

A. As much a we’d like to get to know you better, our organizational structure and process just doesn’t allow meeting customers. We will be happy to provide a demo and a walkthrough and will also assist you throughout the go-live process and even after that. But it will need to be remote. This is what allows us to offer ShoppingSimplify at an affordable monthly price!